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Help a child jump-start a life-long love of reading! From Pooh to Suess — and everywhere inbetween — you'll find just the right children's book on one of our book lists.


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Picture Books for Snowy Days

Very Fun Alphabet Books

Children's Picture Books About Libraries

A Few of the Many Picture Books About Bears

Picture Books About Frogs

Picture Books About Gorillas

Picture Books with African-American Protagonists

Picture Books with Mischevious Protagonists

Picture Books with Strong Female Protagonists

Picture Books About Facing Fear or Being Brave

Picture Books About Being Different or Marching to a Different Drummer

3 Great Picture Books About Starting Kindergarten

Picture Books We Love to Hate

The Best Picture Books About Mealtime and/or Picky Eaters

The Best Picture Books about Pirates!

The Best Picture Books about Not-So-Scary Monsters

The Best Picture Books to Help a Child Understand Death

The Best Picture Books about Manners

The Best Picture Books about Visiting Relatives and Relatives Coming to Visit

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The Poppleton Books

Children's Books Featuring... a Mouse!

A Few of the Many Picture Books About Bears

Picture Books About Frogs

Picture Books About Gorillas

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10 Great Books for Mother-Daughter Book Clubs

10 Mother-Daughter Book Club Recommendations for Girls Ages 7 and 8

10 Out-of-Print Children's Books Worth Overpaying For

5 Great Books for Strong, Adventurous, Smart Young Girls

5 Vintage Children's Books for the First Day of School

7 Books for Children That Feature Other Books As Main Characters

9 Childrenís Novels Both Boys and Girls Will Love to Hear

The Best Passover Fiction for Children

The Best Passover Non-Fiction for Children

Books About Children and Their Moms

Books Featuring the Coolest of the Cool Girls

Books for an Adventurous Childhood

Books If You Like Cinderella...

Books That Explain the Bump in the Night

Books to Inspire Book-Loving Boys

Children's Books about the Night

Children's Books about Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman, the First Female African-American Pilot

Children's Books about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Children's Books That Grownups Will Love

Children's Books to Read Aloud That Are Fun for All Ages

Children's Books to Read Aloud... with Suggested Musical Accompaniment!

The Giverny Award for Children's Science Picture Books

Good Books for Girls in 3rd, 4th or 5th Grade

Great Books About People (and a Very Special Dolphin) with Disabilities

Great Reads for Culinary Kids

The Holocaust in Fiction for Children

Literary Giants Who Wrote a Book or Two for Children

Madison and Ava's "Perfect" Before-Bed Reading List

More Of The Best Picture Books Without Words

More Twaddle-Free Books for Preschoolers: The Runners-Up

The National Education Association's Top 100 Children's Books

A New Spin on Some Old Favorites

The New York Times' Notable Children's Books of 2007

Pairs of Titles to Entertain (and Educate) your Curious Toddler

Peter Steinberg's Favorite Children's Books

Picture Books for Developing Social/Emotional Growth

Picture Books for Kids Who Like Maps

Picture Books with Fun (and Sometimes Friendly) Monsters

Remembering the Holocaust in Non-Fiction for Kids

Seven Books for Kids with Asthma

St. Patrick's Day Books for the Kiddies

Transcending Differences: Interspecies Friendships in Children's Books

Twaddle-Free Books for Preschoolers: Tsh's Top 10 Favorites

The Very Best Pop-Up Books Ever

Winners of 2009 Cybils Award - The Best Books for Kids & Young Adults

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