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Pulitzer Prize Winners for Fiction

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Big Strength in Small Packages: A Journey Through Asian Stories

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Fan Fiction for Adults: The Best in Parallel Literature

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A Few Somewhat Overlooked Must-Read Family Sagas

The Fiction of Ayn Rand

First of the Best: American Female P.I. Novels

First of the Best: British Police Detective Series

Fractured Novels that Mirror the Uncertainty of Everyday Life

Glimpses of the Afterlife

Great (Mostly) Novels on Sex and Love

Great Books About Magicians or Circuses

The Great Divide: Race Relations From Slavery to Present Day

Great Novels with Important Lessons for Leaders

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Hey, Women! Chick Lit Before There Was Chick Lit

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I Want to Live Forever: An Immortality Reading List

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Is It Better to be British? Some of the Best Books Britain Has to Offer

Kate Ross's "Julian Kestrel" Mysteries

A Large Handful of Novels About World War II

Literary Thrillers for the Book Lover

Nordic Noir

Norman Mailer's 10 Favorite American Novels

Novels on Art, Artists and Art World Shenanigans

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Off the Beaten Canon: 5 Great Novels That Don't Get Enough Attention

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Some Books of Dry Humor, Old and New

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Visiting Venice Through (Mostly) Fiction

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