2008 National Book Award Winners

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Started in 1950, the National Book Awards are among the country's most eminent literary prizes. The winners are selected by an independent, expert and volunteer five-member judging panel (where can I volunteer?) and the winners each receive a $10,000 cash prize and a bronze sculpture; finalists each receive $1,000, a medal, and a citation from the panel jury. Semi-finalists? A rejection letter suitable for framing. ;-)


The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family (Nonfiction)

by Annette Gordon-Reed

You probably know that Sally Heming was Thomas Jefferson's slave (and mistress), but did you also know she was the half-sister of his late wife, Martha Wayles? This scholarly book brings Sally (and the entire Hemings family) to life.


What I Saw And How I Lied (Young People's Literature)

by Judy Blundell

Amy Ward from Lawrence County, OH says:

This is one of the best young adult books I have ever read! I felt so much for Evie and her predicament! She goes through this horrible ordeal but I think she is better for it. She grows far beyond her parents... which in this case is a good thing! The novel is so well-written and the characters are so compelling. I was left wanting more after I finished.

This book also appears on Can't-Put-Down Teen Books


Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems (Poetry)

by Mark Doty

Fans of contemporary American poetry will find this an indispensable addition to their library: he "makes the damnably difficult look deceptively simple."