3 Books with Absolutely Wordless Covers

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Designers love them; marketing folks hate them. But here are 3 books covers that don't have the title of the book on the front cover.

(A note from Flashlight Worthy: As a rule we only include books that we know to be truly great reads. For this list though, it's all about the cover. How good is the actual book? You tell us.)



by Raj Kamal Jha

The book isn't called "Help Me"; that's what a mysterious woman writes on the inside of a window to lure other characters out of their home.


The Little Girl and The Cigarette

by Charlotte Mandell, Benoit Duteurtre

So simple and so beautiful in person, the rebus is back!


The Black Swan

by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This is a book about economics and randomness. Given the title of the book, you knew there would be a swan. But just a swan? Brilliant.


Know any other absolutely beautiful -- and wordless -- book covers? Let us know.