It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Superm... Nope, It IS a Plane.

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Many people have what some might call... an obsession. For some, it's trains. For others, the Civil War. And for some it's airplanes. If you know someone like that (or really, anyone with a pilot's license), then these books would make a great gift.


Pan Am: An Aviation Legend

by Barnaby Conrad

The vintage photographs alone are worth the price of the book. I must say, even if you don't have an interest in airlines or aviation, you still won't be able to put this book down. It is just that beautiful. It's also wonderful to read not just about Pan Am history, but to take a wider glimpse at American History from the 1920's to the 1990's.


Aviation Year by Year

edited by Sharon Lucas, Bill Gunston

This book starts out in the 1500's and proceeds from there. The narrative carries the reader through year by year with historical accounts of aviation history. It's formatted to look like a newspaper, and let me tell you... this book is a gem. You could literally spend hours and hours just thumbing through this amazingly researched tome. You just have to see this book to believe it.


Best of the National Air and Space Museum

edited by F. Robert Van Der Linden

This beautiful book was written by one of the Aeronautics curators at the National Air and Space Museum. If you are unable to visit the museum, this is the next best thing to being there.


Flight A Celebration of 100 Years In Art And Literature

edited by Anne Collins Goodyear

This gorgeous reference book celebrates the centenary of flight with over 400 photographs and an engaging narrative.


Ghosts of the Skies: Aviation in the Second World War

by Philip Makanna

Even if you don't read one word of this well-researched book, you'll transported by the absolutely stunning photographs.



by Michel Fraile, Frederic Beniada

This large book is filled with wonderful photographs of the production, interiors and exteriors of this incredible plane. The narrative is filled with interesting historical facts about this important aircraft.


Aircraft Nose Art: From World War I to Today

by Jeffrey Ethell

This book contains a comprehensive history of airplane nose art with lots of great photographs.


The American Airport

by Geza Szurovy

This book is filled with photographs and historical information on over 50 American airports.