Andy Gavin's List of the Very, Very Best Sci-Fi Books


A Fire Upon The Deep

by Vernor Vinge

Great thought-provoking sci-fi book. Fast paced and with aliens that really are.


The City & the Stars

by Arthur C. Clarke

A classic nearly forgotten now, but this sci-fi book really is very ambitious with its huge step forward into the future. Enough so that it also inspired Benford to write a sequel.


Dark Is the Sun

by Philip Jose Farmer

Classic Farmer action at its best. The man has quiet a crazy imagination. This book is so ambitious in its scope (billions of years in the future), yet so immediate in its action. 100 page fight scene too, awesome.



by A.A. Attanasio

The exotic feel in this novel has to be read to be believed. Its lush, sensual and exotic. Explores all sorts of interesting themes about different kinds of modified and alien sentience.


Buying Time

by Joe Haldeman

Incredibly fun tale about a future where some live forever, and most can't afford it.


Consider Phlebas

by Iain M. Banks

Absolutely mind blowing and visionary future civilization. Takes many of the consequences of pervasive machines and AI's to astounding conclusions, painting a world of intense intricacy.


Great Sky River

by Gregory Benford

The feel here humans lost as cockroaches amidst the giant and incomprehensible scale of a galactic mechanical civilization is awesome.



by Greg Bear

The story and characters aren't the best ever, but the intricate depictions of altered far future minds are awesome.



by Dan Simmons

My all-time favorite sci-fi book. It has an almost unparalleled sense of scope combined with some very moving stories and fantastic writing.