Autumn Leaves: Books About Autumn

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Autumn — my favorite season. I love everything about it. The cool, crisp days; the fall foliage; that gorgeous October light; finally being able to wear sweaters again... here are some of my favorite fall titles.


Adele & Simon

by Barbara McClintock

This is a sweet, charming story set in 1910 Paris about a girl named Adele and her younger brother, Simon. The story takes place in the fall and the two siblings are walking home from school. Simon is carrying many things: his coat and hat, scarf, knapsack and a drawing he made of a cat. Adele makes him promise not to lose any of his belongings, but of course he does. Take a walking tour of Paris with this irresistible pair as they stop at the market, museum and on and on.



photography by Jean Mulatier

Sit back with your cup of hot cider and maybe a bowl of some warm apple crisp and become immersed in page after page of fall splendor. What a gorgeous tribute to fall!


Fall Foliage: The Mystery, Science, and Folklore of Autumn Leaves

by Charles W. G. Smith, photography by Frank S. Kaczmarek

Oh yes, this book is filled with lush autumnal photographs, but there’s more. It’s also a tree and leaf identification guide. Great book for all of us leaf-peepers and tree nerds who want to know the identification of every single tree we are privileged to see.


Leaf By Leaf

photography by Marc Tauss, selected by Louisa May Alcott

Gorgeous autumnal photographs accompanied by poems by American and English poets such as Lowell, Browning, Shelley and Yeats. This book is equally appealing to the old (or should I say, mature) as well as the young.


Little Men

by Louisa May Alcott

This is the second title in the Little Women trilogy by Louisa May Alcott. The story goes from spring to November and is a coming of age story about a gifted violinist named Nat who attends the Bhaer’s school. This is wonderful book to read aloud to your children.