The Very Best Pop-Up Books Ever

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Most pop-up books are ostensibly written for children, but no matter what your age it's hard to resist pulling those tabs and opening all the little doors. The books below are not only irresistible, but the stories and art fully engage you no matter what your age.



by Marion Bataille

This book is a beautiful work of art. The letters don't just pop-up, they transform, they move. This book is an interactive delight.


One Red Dot: A Pop-Up Book for Children of All Ages

illustrated by David A. Carter

Find the one red dot that is hidden on each page. The colors, the flaps, the graphics — this book is a feast for the eyes. Children and adults will both find something to love about this book.


Castle: Medieval Days and Knights

by Kyle Olmon, illustrated by Tracy Sabin

If you are a castle lover you must have this book... I don't care how old you are, this book is great. This book is a Sabuda book, yes the king of pop-up books. I love the stained glass windows in one of the displays.


Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense: A Pop-up Book

by Kees Moerbeek

GOOD EVENING!!! Seven of Alfred Hitchcock's famous films are each given a spread in the book. Each spread contains brief plot summary and a side flap that features Hitchcock's trademark cameo appearance in each film. Must-have for the Hitchcock fan.


Knick Knack Paddywhack: A Moving Parts Book

illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Recipient of the New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award, this gem of a book is an engineering marvel. Full of flaps and tabs that bring the nursery rhyme to life.


The Enchanted Dolls' House

by Robyn Johnson

Oh, this book is a doll lover's delight. There's pop-up period dollhouse, secret letters and hidden pictures. Meet Kristen, Hattie and Albert and Lucinda who all inhabit a magical series of homes. This book is also loaded with doll lore and historical details. A treat for young and older doll lovers.



by Arthur Yorinks, Maurice Sendak, Matthew Reinhart

Christy Yee from Honolulu, HI says:

Unwavering in his attempts to find Mommy in the face of monsters, ghoulies and beasts, the central character ("Baby!") is a true Sendak hero. Anyone who loves Sendak's Nutshell Kids, Rosie, or Max will find Baby's quest hilarious.


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs

illustrated by Matthew Reinhart, Lewis Carroll

Christy Yee from Honolulu, HI says:

My fifth-graders LOVE this book. But it only gets put on the shelf midway through the year, because they need to earn my trust before they can explore this intricate, well-crafted pop-up masterpiece. It includes beautiful cut-out pop-ups (which fold back in neatly, a definite plus for elementary hands), as well as mini pull-put booklets that provide little bonus pockets of information and trivia. A definite favorite of mine — and theirs. :)


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Adaptation

by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Robert Sabuda

Peter from Flashlight Worthy says:

Be careful! When you open this book you'll feel like you fell down the rabbit hole — the images are that vibrant and the cleverness of the pop-ups that ingenious. Truly a pop-up that must be seen to be believed.