Tween Romances to Love

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This list includes a collection of tween romances that are delightful reads for any middle school student (ages 10-14). They combine humorous stories, princess' adventures and school stories to stir the imagination. These compelling novels will have your reader up all night reading under the covers!


Heist Society

by Ally Carter

Kat is tired of her father's life of crime — he's a famous art thief. She just wants to be a normal teenage girl. However, when a known criminal threatens her father's life, unless his masterpiece collection is returned, Kat jumps at the chance to save him. Hunky billionaire Hale is concerned she's in too deep this time, but Kat has to save her father and time is running out.


The Things I Did For Love

by Ellen Conford

Stephanie begins a report on love without hope of finding a match in her high school. However, some surprising adventures and humorous writing make this book one the reader will find hard to put down.


The Cupcake Queen

by Heather Hepler

As if having your family fall apart was not enough trouble, Penny has accidentally made enemies of everyone at her new school. Penny's parents are separated and her mom has recently opened a bakery in a small town. While most of her new life is awful, Penny's very interested in a mysterious boy she meets by accident and a wacky girl who's not afraid of playing by her own rules.


Boys Are Dogs

by Leslie Margolis

Sixth-grader Annabelle has a few problems, a brand new middle school, boys who are teasing her non-stop, and her mom's new boyfriend, who is now living with them. Her mom gives her a puppy as a bribe/treat and while training him, Annabelle has an idea. Then, with hilarity and insight she discovers that some of those dog training techniques might work on the boys at school.


The Season

by Sarah MacLean

Lady Alexandra risks her heart and her reputation to help handsome Gavin find his father's killer. She cares little for her debut in society and following her mother's rules. Readers who love Pride and Prejudice will adore this romance.


11 Birthdays

by Wendy Mass

What if your birthday happened day after day? Sounds wonderful until Amanda realizes that sharing her birthday with Leo has become difficult since they entered sixth grade. He's one of the popular kids and Amanda is trying to find her niche. Instead of enjoying the day, Amanda and Leo have to solve the puzzle as to why the day repeats itself again and again.


The Dashwood Sisters' Secrets of Love

by Rosie Rushton

A Jane Austen inspired tale of three sisters who lose their father and their home and must find their way through life. This story is loosely based on Sense and Sensibility as the three girls, Ellie, Abby, and Georgie, fall in and out of love.


Love, Stargirl

by Jerry Spinelli

Stargirl writes a long letter to Leo in this sequel to Stargirl, where she looks for answers as to why he broke up with her. After to moving to a new town, Stargirl befriends an eccentric cast of characters who help her realize that staying true to herself is the only path back to happiness.



by Wendelin Van Draanen

This is one of the best books about boy/girl relationships and how we need to listen with laughter, compassion and an open heart. When Julianna met Bryce, she flipped, it was his eyes. All Bryce ever wanted was for Juliana to leave him alone... for good. Thus the beginning of the love/hate friendship starts the story and carries the reader through to a dynamic ending.


Girls in Love

by Jacqueline Wilson

Ellie is determined to have a boyfriend this year — after all she's in ninth grade now. Her observations about boys, friendship and high school will make the reader laugh out loud. When her two best friends find love, Ellie decides to pretend her pen pal, Dan, is her boyfriend, which only makes things more complicated.