Biographies of Cities

Who says that biographies have to be limited to people? Why not the biography of a city?

Some might say that the word "history" is more appropriate for a city — but history and biography have a different connotations, and if the author's prose brings the city to life, who's to say he or she didn't write a biography?


Seven Ages of Paris

by Alistair Horne

You will learn more about Paris from this book than a year in France; the author compares the city to a beautiful woman, and every inch is explored.

If you've read this book, tell us what you thought.


Berlin Rising: Biography of a City

by David Fisher, Anthony Read

Berliners have always had the reputation of being a little different than their fellow countrymen, and that quirk is reflected in this easy-reading history of the great city.

If you've read this book, tell us what you thought.


London: The Biography

by Peter Ackroyd

Michelle Martinez from Houston, Texas says:

This is truly an amazing work of non-fiction in which Peter Ackroyd brings London to life. London becomes a breathing, bleeding thing. You learn the secrets of place names and peer down the dark avenues of history, traveling the less-traveled roads and getting an in-depth guide to London. All you ever wanted to know, what you didn't realize you did, and more!


London: The Novel

by Edward Rutherfurd

Flashlight Worthy says:
While technically fiction and therefore breaking the mold of this list, we've heard too many good things about this book to leave it off the list.

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