Books That Will Make You Want to Visit Cathedrals in Britain

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Sarum: The Novel of England

by Edward Rutherfurd

Eric Mueller from Los Angeles, CA says:

This Michener-esque "sweeping saga of the area surrounding Stonehenge" follows five families (really, the lineage of five groups) through 10,000 years of history.


Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction

by David Macaulay

Read this one before you read The Pillars of the Earth and you will appreciate even more what it took to build a cathedral. It is nominally a children's book, so it has a simplistic "plot" — ignore the plot, and focus on the finely detailed pictures and the descriptions of the cathedral structure. Then take yourself to France, and visit Notre Dame and Chartres!


The Pillars of the Earth

by Ken Follett

MCOB from Columbus, OH says:

This book pulled me into the 13th century with ease. Yes, it's almost 1000 pages, and it took me 6 months, but it was so worth it. And it's a book that reaches different generations; after I read it (I'm 28), my dad borrowed it and read it (he's 65, and it took him only weeks!). My only negative is that the end just sort of dropped off, like the author realized it was getting too long.

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