Books about... Books!

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You'd be surprised at how many books there are about... books. The small handful below are just some of the best. Enjoy.


At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries

by Caroline Seebohm, Estelle Ellis, illustrated by Christopher Simon Sykes

This book is filled with tips for the booklover on how to care for their books, the proper way to shelve a book and how to plan the layout for a library. This gem of a book is also filled with gorgeous photographs of some famous people's libraries such as Keith Richards, yes that Keith Richards, who is not just a rock and roll icon, he's also a bibliophile. Great content and beautiful to peruse.


A Book of Books

by Nicholson Baker, Abelardo Morell

Photographer Morell takes something commonplace and lets the viewer see it in an entirely different way. This book is gorgeous.


Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

by Anne Fadiman

The author, who grew up in a literary family, recounts through beautifully written essays her life-long obsession with books. I loved the essay about the author's husband buying her 19 pounds of books for her birthday. Something any book lover can understand and envy.

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A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books

by Nicholas A. Basbanes

The author takes you through the history of book collecting including some of the marvelous characters whose passion for books sometimes led them too far.

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Patience and Fortitude: Wherein a Colorful Cast of Determined Book Collectors, Dealers, and Librarians Go About the Quixotic Task of Preserving a Legacy

by Nicholas A. Basbanes

This book has something for the bibliophile, librarian and history buff. The author opens with some of the great libraries of the past and takes us right up to the present. In the second part of the book the author visits avid collectors and various booksellers. In the last section of the book he talks about the many issues that libraries of today face. Excellent book, and a must-read for anyone who loves libraries.


The Library at Night

by Alberto Manguel

This fascinating book is an account if the author's attempt to understand why humans try to shape the world, most notably through reading and books. He talks about the building of his own library at his home in France and then takes the reader on a trip to the Library at Alexandria, Michaelangelo's Laurentian Library in Florence, Italy and he travails the Dewey Decimal System. Manguel also discusses fictional libraries like Count Dracula's. This book is amazing. Please read it.


On Reading

by Andre Kertesz

For over 50 years (1920-1970) photographer Andre Kertesz photographed people reading. These pictures were taken in Hungary, France and the United States, showing people reading while seated on steps, on crowded streets and even while waiting in the wings of a theater before going to perform on stage. This compilation shows the unabashed pleasure that a solitary activity like reading can bring. This book is a gem.


Sixpence House: Lost in A Town Of Books

by Paul Collins

The author, a devout bibliophile, tells the reader how he uprooted his family from San Francisco and moved them to the village of Hay-on-Wye, Wales. Hay-on-Wye is a book town. With 1500 inhabitants there are over 40 bookstores. If you are a book nut, after reading this charming book, you will want to book your flight to Hay-on-Wye immediately.