Books about Disney's Corporate Mishegoss

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Remember when Eisner took over Disney and the company rocked the go-go '90s, then slowly but surely, Eisner lost his way to the point where shareholders were actively battling him and Roy E. Disney was working to get him thrown out? Here's books about Eisner, about his leadership, and about his ousting...


Keys to the Kingdom: The Rise of Michael Eisner and the Fall of Everybody Else

by Kim Masters

This dramatic story of Eisner's ride and subsequent fall reads like a soap opera, featuring massively over-sized personalities and egos and starring Eisner's hubris and "loss" of his once-magic Disney-esque touch.


Work in Progress: Risking Failure, Surviving Success

by Tony Schwartz, Michael D. Eisner

This is Eisner's autobiography — he tells the story about his childhood and then rise in corporate America, from NBC clerk in 1964 to Disney CEO 20 years later. He airs some dirty laundry, which is pretty entertaining... though this book was published in 1998, before the high drama of the 2000s, leading to his 2006 ousting.



by James B. Stewart

This is THE book that documents the crazy time at Disney during the late '90s and early 2000s — when Michael Eisner was clinging to his role at the top despite everyone (starting with Roy Disney) telling him it was time to go. The battle royale between Disney (the company), Disney (Roy, the man) and Eisner will occupy you for all 600 pages; it's well-written and builds a heck of a case. Hard to put down.