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Big Russ and Me: Father and Son--Lessons of Life

by Tim Russert

Gary Goudelock from West Des Moines, Iowa says:

I picked up this book in the immediate aftermath of Tim Russert's surprise passing last summer. Mr. Russert was obviously loved by his colleagues, those he interviewed during his distinguished tenure as host of Meet the Press, and the American people. Lauded as a true journalist who was "tough but fair" Tim Russert recounts important lessons he learned from his hero, Big Russ. Big Russ was a blue-collar civil servant who raised his family in one of Buffalo's working class neighborhoods. He had lived through the depression and served in World War II. He taught his son Tim to always be prepared, to show appreciation and respect for everyone, and once he began hosting Meet the Press, to make the interview understandable for all the other Big Russes out there. This book is a fairly quick read, and especially poignant coming up on the first anniversary of Mr. Russert's death. Just as he did with his journalism, Tim Russert communicates invaluable life lessons in a humble and compelling way. This book is a great read for anyone interested in Tim Russert's life, father-son relationships, or life lessons from the "Greatest Generation."


Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons

by Tim Russert

Following on the heels of Big Russ and Me, Tim Russert comes out with this compilation of letters from "ordinary Americans" about their relationships with their fathers. (Ok, and a few "extraordinary" Americans, too, like Maria Shriver.) You're not going to find any book more heartwarming than this, and it makes a perfect Father's Day gift, too! :-)