Can't-Put-Down Teen Books

These are some of the best teen books I have read — actually, some of the best books I have read, period. Enjoy!


What I Saw And How I Lied

by Judy Blundell

Absolutely jaw-dropping and gut-wrenching. Great characters, great mystery.

This book also appears on 2008 National Book Award Winners



by Beth Kephart

Magical and lyrical! I love this author; her words flow like water.



by Cynthia Lord

Soul-stirring and engaging tale of a sister trying to understand her autistic brother.


Life As We Knew It

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Horrifying... what would happen if the moon was knocked closer to the earth? Frighteningly real!


The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

Exhilarating! I can’t say enough about this book... the humor, the romance, the killing! This book was glued to my fingers.


The Adoration of Jenna Fox

by Mary E. Pearson

Breathless; the lengths parents will go to save their daughter. Absolutely incredible and chilling!


A Northern Light

by Jennifer Donnelly

Enchanting. The book has a strong female character that dreams of life outside the kitchen, when that sort of thing wasn’t accepted. A great historical novel.


Skulduggery Pleasant

by Derek Landy, illustrated by Tom Percival

Hilarious and action-packed! Loved the witty banter and sarcasm... a butt-kicking skeleton, what more could you ask for?


No Shame, No Fear

by Ann Turnbull

Romantic and tragic yet hopeful. Makes me appreciate living in the here and now.