Children's Books Featuring... a Mouse!

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Books with a mouse for a protagonist show children that courage, determination, imagination and fun belong to all of us — no matter how small we sometimes feel.

While I have an 84(!)-page bibliography of mouse protagonist books, below are a few of my very favorite.


Basil of Baker Street

by Eve Titus

Basil is the Sherlock Holmes of the mouse world, and his tales are written down by his friend, Dr. David Q. Dawson. While not solving mysteries, Basil's hobbies include archery, archaeology and mountaineering. Dr. Dawson is a lover of all cheeses. This series is just delightful.


The Church Mice and the Ring

by Graham Oakley

This book is one from the delightful series about the mice who live in the Anglican church of Saint John, Worthlethorpe, England. Two of the mice, Arthur and Humphrey, are assisted by church cat Sampson in their escapades. In this outing the trio borrow a ring, have it stolen, and then get it back, all to help their friend Percy, a shaggy dog with a golden personality.


Mahalia Mouse Goes to College

by John Lithgow, illustrated by Igor Oleynikov

Mahalia Mouse and her family live under Dunster House, an old Harvard dormitory. One day while foraging for food, Mahalia gets trapped in a student's backpack and finds that she loves the lecture she overhears. One thing leads to another and Mahalia ends up going to school.


Maisy's Morning on the Farm

illustrated by Lucy Cousins

There are so many chores to do in the morning on a farm.... chickens to be fed, the cow to be milked and the fields need tilled with the big tractor. Maisy does this and more and all before she can have her own breakfast. Cute story.


Ralph S. Mouse

by Beverly Cleary

Lyra Mitchell says:

A children's choice favorite! The covers tell the story on my shelf: Beverly Cleary's books are "loved to death" every year. I replace Ralph S. Mouse frequently because the children check it out over and over again.


The Sands of Time

by Michael Hoeye

(This is the first in a series.)



by Avi, illustrated by Brian Floca

Poppy is a female mouse who loses her boyfriend to an evil owl name Mr. Ocax. Poppy teams up with a porcupine named Ereth. The two plot to try and seek revenge on Mr. Ocax.


The Storm

by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Preston McDaniels

(This is the first in a series.)


Stuart Little

by E. B. White

Tim Vetter says:

The story of a two-inch mouse born into an Upper East Side human family. The best children's book featuring New York City as a central character; bonus points for canoe scenes. The New Yorker recently ran a feature about the role this book played in overturning the entrenched Children's Lit power structure overseen by Anne Carol Moore of the New York Public Library. That in itself is a remarkable story. (Editor's note: for some inexplicable reason, "Stuart Little" isn't for sale as a single volume. Instead it must be purchased as part of a box set as shown here, or with a small children's necklace that will undoubtedly break, be lost, or be swallowed by one of your children within hours.)

This book also appears on The Essential Books of E.B. White


The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse

by Beatrix Potter

This delightful story, written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter in 1918, tells the tale of Johnny Town-Mouse who makes country mouse Timmy Willie feel right at home when he finds himself inadvertently alone in the big city. This is a retelling of Aesop's fable "The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse."


The Tale of Pip and Squeak

by Kate Duke

Brothers Pip and Squeak are usually competing with each other, but their relationship changes a bit when they prepare for their annual party.


Woodrow, the White House Mouse

by Cheryl Shaw Barnes Peter W. Barnes

The mice of the United States elect a President just like American humans. Through President Woodrow G. Washingtail, children (as well as their parents and anyone lucky enough to read this charming educational story) will learn about the workings of the U.S. government. The popularity of this book started a series.