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I vividly remember reading "Running With Scissors" and literally feeling sick to my stomach at the way the author was emotionally treated by his parents.

I suppose that a book could physically affect me is a good thing? If you're looking for an author who writes emotionally open books with a healthy dose of humor — Burroughs is your guy.


A Wolf at the Table (Memoir, 2008)

by Augusten Burroughs

Tina Nole says:

This one had my head spinning for a few days, so if you have a crappy father, beware... this is one of his darkest books, not at all the funny Burroughs. This exposes some of what makes him a deep writer — I read it in only 2 days and I'm a very slow reader.

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Magical Thinking (Short Stories, 2004)

by Augusten Burroughs

B from Los Angeles says:

If you've already read Burroughs' Running With Scissors, this book will make more sense. It's not quite as raunchy or full of child abuse like Running, but it's still a good read if you enjoy a memoir about a dysfunctional adult.


Dry (Memoir, 2003)

by Augusten Burroughs

Robert Rodi says:

The lesser-known, but equally harrowing (and funny) follow-up to Running With Scissors. Burroughs worked in advertising in the 1980s, as did I; his downfall was alcohol—in my circles, it was cocaine. But Burroughs fell harder than I ever did, and he’s assembled this astonishing book from the wreckage.

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Running with Scissors (Memoir, 2002)

by Augusten Burroughs

Tamdoll says:

It was mesmerizing. I kept reading and reading, wondering how someone could possibly have lived a life like this!


Sellevision (Novel, 2000)

by Augusten Burroughs

Eric Mueller from Los Angeles, CA says:

This is a great novel about the vapid characters that work at a home-shopping television channel (think QVC). It's Burroughs' first novel and while it doesn't have the "heft" that his later writing carried, it's still laugh-out-loud funny.