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by Nick Hornby

Cat W. from North Carolina says:

Amazing! This book singlehandedly proves why Nick Hornby should write the entire world's sex education curriculum. Read it and you will understand why! Totally flashlight-worthy.


Housekeeping vs. the Dirt

by Nick Hornby

This is a collection of essays by Hornby, about books he's been reading. Fascinating to watch one author analyze another.


A Long Way Down

by Nick Hornby

Bev a.k.a. "Hockeygal4ever" from Erie, PA says:

This book was my first "Hornsby" book and I was captured! A heart warming, deep story of friendship found between the oddest of odds. Strange individuals meet on the rooftop of a traditional "suicide" building, where loners seem to go when nobody else cares. But what happens when you meet others like you and start to realize you're not alone? This strange, often-eclectic bunch befriends each other and makes a pact to meet again up on the rooftop one year later and if their life is no longer worth living, they'll take the dive. Some may change, some may not, but there's no denying you'll be intrigued from start to finish with the lives of these oddball characters! A definite great read!


Fever Pitch

by Nick Hornby

Mike Kavanagh from Baltimore, MD says:

Changed my life. I ended up becoming president of the Arsenal Supporters Club in the US thanks to my introduction to Arsenal via Fever Pitch. I have since met hundreds of amazing people as a result.


How to Be Good

by Nick Hornby

It's the age-old story of a woman (Kate, a doctor) in an unhappy marriage with an angry man, asking herself: "should I stay or should I go?" Then everything changes... while I wouldn't call this Hornby's best, it's a great story.


High Fidelity

by Nick Hornby

Laura H. from Brooklyn, NY says:

"High Fidelity" has been one of my favorite movies for many years, and it has now become one of my favorite books. The protagonist, Rob, is a thirty-something guy in a relationship crisis. He questions his life in relationship to friends, family, music, and love. However, Hornby takes what could be a difficult scenario and turns it into an honest account of what it feels like to have real self doubt. The book is funny, meaningful, and ultimately true to the mistakes we all make and the lovely redemption that follows. Now I've got to go watch the movie again...


About a Boy

by Nick Hornby

Leo Babauta from Guam says:

I can't get enough of Hornby's writing. This was made into a good but formulaic movie — the book is much better. Also see Fever Pitch, How to be Good, a Long Way Down, and High Fidelity.