3 Great Picture Books About Starting Kindergarten

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Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner

by Amy Schwartz

Annabelle thought she had been prepared for kindergarten by her older sister, but when she got there, everything started to go wrong. But she eventually triumphs and becomes the first kindergarten milk monitor. The text and illustrations work together perfectly to capture the feeling of kindergarten.


Vera's First Day of School (Owlet Book)

by Vera Rosenberry

Vera is very excited for her first day of school, puts on her new dress and checks book bag for supplies. But she's left on the playground after the bell rings and the school doors slam shut, so she walks home alone, hides under her bed and cries. Happily, her mother finds her and all ends well.


Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come (Picture Puffins)

by Nancy Carlson

Henry is full of excitement about kindergarten, but when he arrives, it is bigger than he pictured and he wants to go home. But he gets used to it, meets a friend, and decides that kindergarten will be fun after all. This is another book that will reassure children about kindergarten.