Hal Steinberg's Favorite Novels

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My late wife once told me I was the only guy she ever dated who was interested in both ballet and baseball. I guess that reflects my far-reaching interests — in life as well as in books. Hence, I mostly read non-fiction: biographies, history, politics... books from which I can expand my knowledge. Every now and then I pick up a novel, mainly to relax my mind and have fun. If it's a historical novel, I still learn something. These are my favorites.


The Hunt for Red October

by Tom Clancy

Kim Laird from Lansing, MI says:

The classic Tom Clancy novel, a wonderful thriller, part mystery about a Russian who reluctantly has to leave his country. I think it is about the story of a great patriot, who knew that his country was going down a path of horrible destruction. He takes this course to save his country, but winds up in exile. Lovely story, full of great military details and the life of a submarine crew.


Rabble in Arms

by Kenneth Roberts

Jimmy Rogers from Fairfax, VA says:

I LOVE this book and almost all the books by Roberts. Early American adventures are plentiful, but few have the sharp whit and wonderful characters of Rabble in Arms. Cap Huff is my HERO!



by James Clavell

Jason Seiden says:

Want to know what politics look like in the real world? This is it. Set in feudal Japan in 1600, this saga uses an epic time in history to highlight timeless political principles such as saving face, mutual interest, and shadow desires.


The Source

by James A. Michener

Jon Christensen from Lehi, Utah says:

A spectacular adventure through the ages of Israel from the simple beginnings to the devastating modern wars as you venture up and up through an archaeological dig site. You get to meet and love characters from every historical era, and you can even learn a little history while you're at it. Truly a monumental piece of fiction.

This book also appears on Peter Steinberg's Reading List


The Dirty Dozen

by E. M. Nathanson

Chad says:

Much different than the movie. This war book is basically a redemption story, both for Major Riesman and those under his command. As in life, not all are able to rise to the challenge and give in to their weaknesses.