Hero Debuts That Will Have You Hooked

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As we read books, it's natural to choose a character from the story to relate to. When I read, I usually pick a character who I would like to be. Most of the time these characters are the hero of the story. This list is comprised of six characters and their first appearances. Each book will have you longing for more and will have you wishing to be just like them... and lucky for you, each character (except John Kelly) has more than one book to his name. Enjoy!



by Ted Bell

Intriguing. Suspenseful. And Alexander Hawke. A nuclear submarine goes missing and it is Alex's mission to find, and secure, the sub.


Patriot Games

by Tom Clancy

What would you do if you discovered a terrorist cell's plot to assassinate the Prince and Princess of Wales? What would you do if, after foiling the terrorist's plans, the leader of the cell goes after your immediate family? How would you protect them? I would do what Jack Ryan, ex-Marine and sometimes CIA employee, does. Worth every minute of your time and will hook you for the rest of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan books.


Without Remorse

by Tom Clancy

This book will have you from the first page and will not let you go until you have seen the last period. Tom Clancy gives us a glimpse of what Jack Ryan was like... before Jack Ryan. Meet John Kelly. He takes justice into his own hands and does it without remorse. Tom Clancy literally places the reader next to John Kelly in this book. Fantastic read!


The Bourne Identity

by Robert Ludlum

Nothing like the movie. Ten times better. This international spy thriller will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.


Mission Compromised

by Joe Musser, Oliver L. North

Peter Newman is put in charge of a secret group who's mission is to "take out" certain individuals who would like to see America wiped off the face of the earth. Everything seems to be working fine until the mission is under way... and you guessed it, it's compromised.