In The Garden

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There’s something about the splendor and tranquility of a garden that beckon to me. And I never fail to answer the call. I love elegant peonies that seem to bow to silent applause and smart-aleck tulips moving of their own accord and cheerful red geraniums that just scream “welcome.” Chosen solely for their beautiful photographs (often on the covers and always between them), the books on this list allow the reader to sit in the garden — if only in your mind — and imbibe the beauty, inhale the fragrances and pick the flowers.


Cottage Gardens

by Teri Dunn

Joyful, carefree exuberance is the hallmark of cottage gardens and it is that reckless abandon that warms my heart. This book — in which captions are the only words — is a spectacular display. The lush gardens in these gorgeous pictures invite long, leisurely visits…


At Home in the Garden: Creating Stylish Outdoor Rooms

by Becke Davis

This cover’s verdant alcove entices me to enter, sit on the bench for a while, and take in its secluded beauty. Absent that opportunity, this book offers nice consolation as it encourages the reader to create the lovely garden “rooms” reflected on its pages.


Garden Favorites: Designing with Herbs, Climbers, Roses, and Grasses

by Rick Darke, Rebecca W. Atwater, Warren Schultz

Garden aficionados, this book is for you. Page after glorious page of luxuriant garden vignettes are designed to appeal to the senses and keep you turning the pages. It achieves its goal beautifully.


Designing With Climbers

by Richard Rosenfeld

Across the pages of this book creep clematis, morning glories, wisteria.... Yet (pretty photos notwithstanding) it is the creative ideas that are the star of the show as Rosenfeld guides the reader in designing a garden that’s on the move.


Garden Accents

by Warren Schultz

Statuary, urns and obelisks... oh, my! Tucked within the flora, these museum-like pieces peek out, adding interest not only to the garden, but to this beautifully photographed book. It’s like having an art gallery in your own back yard.


The Ultimate Rose Book

by Peter McHoy

Photographed in near decadent abundance, roses spill over the cover and onto the pages of this book. Planting roses, decorating with roses, caring for roses — and amidst all this advice: roses, roses, and more roses.


A Cascade of Flowers: An Inspirational Guide to Choosing and Arranging Flowers

by Jane Newdick

From bud vases of one slender bloom to extravagant arrangements cascading from the ceiling, this book overflows with sumptuous flowers and the details on how to arrange them. This is a feast for the eyes.


Boxes, Baskets, Planters and Pots: A Practical Guide to 100 Inspirational Containers

by Stephanie Donaldson

Topiaries in terracotta pots, fragrant herbs adorning window boxes, pansies that seem to emanate from moss — these lavish gardens are all contained in... containers. If you’ve ever wondered how “they” do that, you can segue from gardening dilettante to connoisseur (or just pretend) with these detailed instructions and illustrative photos.