Kate Ross's "Julian Kestrel" Mysteries

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Kate Ross was a mystery writer as well as an attorney in Boston, Massachusetts. She wrote 4 fabulous historical mysteries featuring the dandy Julian Kestrel. Unfortunately this very talented woman passed away in 1998 at the age of 42. If you're a historical mystery fan then it's imperative that you read these four well-researched, well-written, intellectual treasures. Read them in order, or as a stand-alone, just read them. You hear me? You must read them.


Cut to the Quick (#1)

by Kate Ross

Julian Kestrel isn't your every day dandy. With a heart of gold, and a quick logical mind he is just the person to lend a hand when needed. While Kestrel is attending a house party at the Fontclair estate, he tried to find out who committed murder.


A Broken Vessel (#2)

by Kate Ross

Julian Kestrel seeks the assistance of a young prostitute who discovered a written plea for help in one of her client's pockets.


Whom the Gods Love (#3)

by Kate Ross

This time Julian Kestrel investigates the bludgeoning murder of a golden boy — or was he really as golden as he seemed? Hmmmmm!!!


The Devil in Music (#4)

by Kate Ross

Julian Kestrel finds himself in Milan, Italy where he reads about the uncovering of a four-year old murder involving the aristocratic Malvezzi family. Kestrel decides to try out his investigative skills to solve the murder. What a wonderful mystery.