Literary Pen Pals -- Books of Letters

I used to have a box filled with letters. Letters from my mom when I was at camp. Notes from my best friend scribbled during geography. Cards from an ex-boyfriend when I was a camp counselor. I tossed the box during one of my many moves and will always wish I hadn't, becuase letters tell the story long after memories fade.


84, Charing Cross Road

by Helene Hanff

Helene Hanff is a struggling writer in New York City. Frank Doel is the used book store employee in London who finds the books she wants to read. What started as a simple business transaction became a deep friendship spanning 20 years. A lovely collection of letters write by two friends who had nothing, and everything, in common.


Love, Rosie

by Cecelia Ahern

Alex and Rosie are the best of friends who do everything together. The fact that Alex's family is moving to America won't end their friendship — they won't let it. The pair use letters, e-mail and instant messaging to maintain their bond, but it's what isn't said in their communication that keeps you reading.


Dear Pen Pal

by Heather Vogel Frederick

The popular "Mother-Daughter Book Club" series is back. This time the girls' mothers have them doing more than reading a book — they're writing, too. The girls are matched with another mother-daughter book club in Wyoming, and learn that when everything at home seems to be changing, it's good to have friends who can relate.



by Jean Webster, introduction by Ann M. Martin

When orphan Jean Abbott receives the opportunity to attend college (thanks to a mysterious benefactor), she's thrilled to live the life she always hoped to have but never expected. The only catch is Jean must repay her anonymous donor by writing him letters about her life in college.


Dear Enemy

by Jean Webster

We first met Sallie McBride in Daddy-Long-Legs. Now she's the superintendent of John Grier Home, the same orphanage where her friend Jean was raised. Sallie accepts the job as a lark, but now that she's there, she's determined to help her charges. Her letters show she'll do what needs to be done, despite the rules.


Hit Reply

by Rocki St. Claire

This book is for anyone who's ever wondered what happened to the one who got away. Told entirely in e-mails and instant messaging, it is the story of three women, each who rediscovers a man from their past. Sometimes it's best to let things be... and other times it's the greatest mistake to make.


Yours Till Niagara Falls, Abby

by Jane O'Connor

Abby and her best friend Merle are going to camp for the entire summer. Abby knows it will be the best summer of her life — until Merle can't go. Now she's stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, battling poison ivy, diving and mean girls. Her letters to her parents tell happy stories while her letters to Merle tell the honest, and hilarious, truth.