Tristan Colson's List of (Good) Books Set In San Francisco

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There are undoubtedly many books that take place in the San Francisco Bay Area. These happen to be some that I think are particularly good.


The City, Not Long After

by Pat Murphy

Post-apocalyptic novel about San Francisco, almost makes me wish I were there in those less crowded times. An interesting thought... as you'll see, this isn't going to be the only book on this list that takes place after a general disaster. Wonder what that means...?


Vanishing Point

by Michaela Roessner

The other post-apocalypse novel... set in the South Bay. You'll never think the same way about the Winchester Mystery House... or the movie theaters next to it.


Tea with the Black Dragon

by R. A. MacAvoy

Computers and dragons... it doesn't get any better than that.


The Joy Luck Club

by Amy Tan

Just to prove that I do read something other than science fiction... a story of four Chinese women and their American born daughters.


Tales of the City

by Armistead Maupin

It doesn't get any more quintessentially San Francisco than this.


A Grave Talent

by Laurie R. King

First of a series of mysteries about Kate Martinelli, a San Francisco homicide cop. I don't actually read many mysteries, but I liked these. (I also liked her Mary Russell series, but that is based on Sherlock Holmes, and has no place in this list.)


Special Circumstances

by Sheldon Siegel

Okay, so after saying I don't read mysteries often, here is another one. But I started reading these because they were written by my college roommate's husband, who used to be a mild-mannered lawyer and is now a fairly successful writer.