The Very Best Disneyland Guide Books

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While each guide book below has its own twist on the best way to wring the most of your time at Disneyland, you'll do just fine no matter which you choose. I recommend Disney's Official Guide plus any one of the other guides below to make sure you cover all your bases. Have a great time at Disney!


Birnbaum's Disneyland Resort 2008 (Official Guide Book)

by Birnbaum Travel Guides

The granddaddy of all Disneyland guidebooks, the Official Guide is a colorful, exciting look at Disneyland with information about everything (including Disney's California Adventure, the second Disney theme park in Anaheim). Packed with information, this is a great planning guide.


The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2008

by Bob Sehlinger

The Unofficial Guide is brutally honest, compared to the Official Guide — it's not afraid to say "skip this ride" or "lousy restaurant." An excellent companion to the Official Guide, to get that second opinion.


Fodor's Disneyland and Southern California with Kids

by Michael and Trisa Knight

The best of the books for families with children, this guide book rates each attraction with details about its "scare factor" and age and height requirements. A must-have if your visit includes anyone age 15 or under.


Everything Family Guide to the Disneyland Resort, California Adventure, Universal Studios, and the Anaheim Area

by Betsy Malloy

While this book's coverage of Disneyland isn't as in-depth as the others, it does include useful information about the other major Southern California theme parks (Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld San Diego, Six Flag Magic Mountain, and even the San Diego Zoo).


Disneyland's Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to the Disneyland Resort's Best-Kept Secrets

by Steven M. Barrett

Here's something fun to throw in your backpack for a day at Disneyland — go hunting for hidden Mickeys! It's a fun little game for kids and grownups alike. As Amazon explains, "Camouflaged images of Mickey Mouse are hidden around Disneyland, just waiting to delight the visitors who spot them. Searching for them adds extra fun to any visit and has become something of a mission for many Disney fans."