They're Female. They're Pirates. They're Female Pirates.

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Ahoy, Mateys! There be female pirates. Here lies the best non-fiction about pirates... who happen to be of the female persuasion.


Seafaring Women: Adventures of Pirate Queens, Female Stowaways, and Sailors' Wives

by David Cordingly

A very interesting survey of women who went to sea as wives, lighthouse keepers and even cross-dressing cabin boys. Wonderfully illuminating narrative that entertains as well as educates.


The Pirate Queen: In Search of Grace O'Malley and Other Legendary Women of the Sea

by Barbara Sjoholm

The author spent four months traveling around the North Atlantic seeking both folklore and true tales about women at sea. Woven into the book are stories of sea witches, mermaids, women fishing captains and female Viking explorers, as well as the author's own experiences traveling the North Atlantic. Great, great read.


They Went Whistling: Women Wayfarers, Warriors, Runaways, and Renegades

by Barbara Holland

Author Barbara Holland writes about women who dared, such as Amelia Earhart, Dian Fossey and Grace O'Malley. Well-researched book that is laced with the author's wit.


The Pirate Trial of Anne Bonny and Mary Read

by Constance Bond, Tamara J. Eastman

Anne Bonny and Mary Read were two of the most notorious female pirates to ever live. This booklet tells about their capture and trial in Jamica... and their eventual hanging.


She Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the Sea

by Joan Druett

The author explores the lives of female mariners.